How To Get In An Aged Care Home

We understand moving into an aged care home is a big and difficult decision to you and your loved ones. The admission process often can be complicated and stressful. At OLC Care, we take the time to sit down with you, devoting our attention to personally walk you through the admission process. We are here to hold your hand in every step of the way, ensuring an easy, smooth and personalised experience when moving into our homes.

Get an ACAT approval via
Get an ACAT approval via My Aged Care
Book a tour and choose an aged care home
Complete admission paperwork & checklist
Complete admission paperwork & checklist
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OLC Home Tours

Meet our team in person and get your questions answered.
OLC Home Tours
During OLC home tours, we're excited to introduce our warm and welcoming team to you, giving you the opportunity to discover the stunning surroundings of our homes. Our friendly Facility Managers will sit down with you to understand your care needs, discuss your financial situation and explain the different room types with their costs involved. With a wide range of room types we offer at OLC homes, you can always find one that suits your financial situation. We are always here to address any questions you have about the admission process and costs involved, ensuring personalised answers tailored to your unique situation.

Stress-free Admission Process

Checklists and clear instructions provided.
Stress-free Admission Process

Our approachable admin team will assist you in managing agreements and consent documentation effortlessly. You'll receive clear guidance along with a helpful checklist to simplify the paperwork necessary for your admission. If our team identifies any omissions in paperwork, we will promptly get in touch with you and arrange a follow-up to ensure that everything is in place.

Before your move-in, we'll take the time to understand your unique needs, including dietary preferences, to customise our services accordingly. We will be with you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and stress-free admission process into an OLC home.

Smooth Move-In Journey

OLC Preparation Handbook: Everything you need to know for your first day.
Smooth Move-In Journey

Moving into to a new living environment can be daunting and challenging. That’s why OLC Care will provide you with a Move-In Preparation Handbook, designed to equip you with essential details, including what to bring on your first day of admission. You have the freedom to choose a move-in date that best suits you and your family. We will prepare your room and assist you to set up it up in your customised way, ensuring you a heartfelt welcome at your new home.

At OLC Care, everything is about you and your loved ones. When you move in, our registered nurses and other health professionals will conduct a range of assessments to understand you clinical needs. We will also take the time to learn about your life journey, interests and choices to help you to settle in your new home and integrate into the OLC community. Throughout this transitional period, we will maintain open and transparent communication with your family and loved ones to provide them with peace of mind.

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