About Us

Who We Are?

The first OLC Care facility was established in 2005. Over the past 20 years, we have evolved to a multi-facility operator with four modern facilities under ownership and a fifth facility under management contract in Sydney. OLC Care collectively operates a total of 470 beds in residential care. OLC Care has consistently set the standard for excellence in the care of older individuals. Our accredited facilities are distinguished by their exceptional quality services catering to seniors from diverse multicultural backgrounds. We wholeheartedly embrace and celebrate diversity, ensuring that every senior receives treatment marked by equality, respect, and dignity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to respect the legacy of older people, valuing their life experiences, wisdom, and contributions, while also embracing new beginnings and helping them create new memories and experiences in our care.
We are determined to foster holistic well-being, promoting physical vitality, emotional fulfillment, social connections, and spiritual enrichment for all older people in our high quality care.




Seniors in Care


Years of Caregiving

Our Values


We promote a hopeful and uplifting atmosphere for seniors to maintain a positive outlook on life. We support and encourage seniors to focus on what they can still do instead of dwelling on aging limitations, fostering a sense of purpose and fulfilment in life.


We demonstrate our compassion and empathy towards seniors by building meaningful relationships, listening to their life stories, understand their needs and showing them kindness and respect. By expressing love via genuine care, we aim to create a sense of belonging and security for seniors, and help them feel valued and appreciated in a nurturing environment.


We offer direct companionship to meet the social, spiritual and emotional needs of seniors, ensuring we are consistently by their side to provide assistance and support whenever necessary. We help seniors to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation by fostering connections, encouraging interactions and creating a sense of community within our care homes.

Our Proud History


Pembroke Lodge was established in Minto. The 108 bed modern facility provides a full spectrum of services, including two secured memory support units.


Ruby Manor was established in Carramar. The 90 bed homelike facility is amidst beautifully landscaped gardens.


Alkira Gardens was established in Miranda. The 90 bed state-of-the-art facility with stunning architecture and beautiful interior designs, includes two memory support units.


Rocky Point Residence was established in Beverley Park. The 77 bed newly built, contemporary facility encompasses a section specific for caring of older people with Chinese


In pursuit of our new venture, our team is diligently preparing for the forthcoming significant reform in Aged Care. We also have clear intentions to incorporate cutting-edge technology and fostering innovation to ensure the highest standard of care for our residents.

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